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  • Thousands Of Glass Sliding Doors, So The Best Choice

    Balconies are the junction of indoor and outdoor. In order to increase the communication and interaction between indoor and outdoor, usually the doors of balconies are equipped with glass doors, especially those with large door openings, which are basically equipped with glass sliding doors. The light-transmitting glass is installed with a metal frame. At this time, it is necessary to…
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  • What kind of material is the cabinet door? Let you know more about the characteristics of the cabinet door.

    The cabinet occupies a small space in our kitchen life. It not only meets the functional needs of the kitchen, but also serves as a decorative space. As an integral part of the cabinet, the cabinet door is also a negligible existence. First, the cabinet door custom material and price 1, solid wood cabinet doors Because of the preciousness of…
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  • [Wardcase customization] is more elegant than simplicity, more free than light luxury

    Customized furniture has always been adhering to the industrial style, simple geometric lines and metal fittings with a fancy black and white gray system, called the combination of the mysterious cool black, elegant and light white, and the introverted gray three can be created and intertwined More levels of change, more sophisticated than simple, more free than luxury! The use…
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