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Thousands Of Glass Sliding Doors, So The Best Choice

Balconies are the junction of indoor and outdoor. In order to increase the communication and interaction between indoor and outdoor, usually the doors of balconies are equipped with glass doors, especially those with large door openings, which are basically equipped with glass sliding doors. The light-transmitting glass is installed with a metal frame. At this time, it is necessary to match the shape and color of the door frame according to the interior decoration style.

1. Black frame balcony glass door
Black is a more classic color. When combined with cold metal, it can often give a strong and stable temperament. It can be matched with balcony glass door frames and can be matched with some modern and young decoration styles. Exquisite.

Second, the white frame balcony glass door
White is also a relatively simple and elegant classic color. The clean and simple white is in light color that is consistent with the ceiling of the wall. It is used on the balcony glass door frame. The overall effect is gorgeous and elegant. The effect is harmonious and generous.

3. Golden balcony glass door
Gold is a bold color, especially when used on metal, the texture is gorgeous and exquisite! For some of the more upscale and mature decoration styles, with metal glass door frames, the effect is quite gorgeous.

4. Silver gray balcony glass door
The silver-gray color is the natural color of the aluminum alloy, and the overall tone texture is natural. The glass sliding door of this color is more suitable for some simple decoration atmosphere.

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Post time: 2020-04-22