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What Should I Pay Attention To When Customizing Narrow Bezel Sliding Doors?

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The narrow frame sliding door is now a popular “net red” door and window product. The narrow frame sliding door has a wide field of vision and reduces the sense of depression. In particular, the residential units are all about 100 square meters. The standard is three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. This layout has a limited area for each space. The installation of narrow border sliding doors can make the room spacious. some. Customizing a narrow border sliding door has also become the choice of many people when decorating. There are three aspects of custom narrow border sliding door that require consumers’ attention.

First, determine the style according to the size of the door opening
To customize a narrow-frame sliding door, you first need to measure the specific size of the door opening. In determining the style of the narrow-frame sliding door based on the size of the door opening, the common styles of sliding doors are two-track two-door, two-track four-door, three-rail three-door Three tracks and six fans, plus or without sunroof. Generally, the width of each door leaf should be no more than 1m2, the smallest should not be less than 0.6m, the height should not be more than 2m5, and the low should not be less than 2m1.

Second, the color must match the decoration style
The choice of color is a problem that cannot be ignored in customizing narrow bezel sliding doors. When choosing a color, do not choose according to your wishful thinking. Perhaps a color is very beautiful in the showcase, but when it is placed in the layout of your room, it is not So beautiful, the choice of color must match the overall style of the room, so it looks natural. Because it is customized, once the color is determined, it cannot be changed. It is necessary to pay attention to the custom narrow border sliding door.


Third, find a custom sliding door manufacturers to customize
Custom narrow frame sliding door When ordering, be sure to customize it with a regular sliding door manufacturer. Fortunately, it is a regular aluminum door and window brand manufacturer. Brand manufacturers pay more attention to quality, word of mouth, and service. Product styles and colors are more abundant. Roadside stalls have simple processing equipment, and precision and strength cannot be guaranteed at all, especially for narrow-frame sliding doors. Due to the narrow frame of the door leaf, thicker aluminum alloy profiles need to be used, and the profiles must be more than 2.0mm thick to ensure narrow-frame push-pull For safe use of the door, if you customize it in a small factory, you may use materials with thin wall thicknesses, which will greatly reduce the service life and bring safety risks.

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