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Premium Glass Door Custom Wardrobe Is Coming

The glass is transparent and refracts to give a dreamy and refined feeling. The glass closet opens the confined space. All the clothes are clearly presented in front of you, reducing the inconvenience of blind rummaging and keeping the storage of clothes from being chaotic. And transparent, bright, large space, small space can be used!

Transparent glass wardrobes tend to choose black door frames, which can be more simple and refreshing. Bodysuits and commonly used bath towels can be placed in the chest of drawers to prevent dust contamination.

Frosted glass creates a beauty that makes the wardrobe space not completely exposed. The lacquered glass is faintly milky white, which makes people feel very feminine, and it can hide the interior of the wardrobe very well, retaining more privacy of the owner.

The tinted glass wardrobe not only increases the privacy of the wardrobe, but also makes the wardrobe messy. And the color is more diversified, which can make the wardrobe and space more harmonious.

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Post time: 2019-11-18