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How To Customize The Cabinet Is The Cheapest?

First of all, the price of the cabinet is a bit complicated, but it must be clear.
The price of the cabinet is calculated according to the length of the meter. The length of the cabinet refers to the one meter long cabinet plus one meter long cabinet. Generally speaking, the price of 1 meter of rice should include:
1 meter cabinet and 1 meter wall cabinet and 1 meter countertop. Why is it only the length? Because the height and depth of the cabinets are all rules. When the merchant quotes, he asks for a form that lists the height and depth of the standard cabinets and cabinets. You have to see if you and your family are comfortable with this height. Generally comfortable table height = the height of people who cook regularly / 2+ (5~10) cm. You can ask them to increase or decrease, the price is calculated, but it takes a lot of money to increase, and reduce the amount of money.

But sometimes there are more cabinets and fewer cabinets, such as the case of a range hood. How do you calculate the price of the cabinet?
for example
If 1000 yuan a stretch of cabinets, including cabinets and cabinets, do 3 meters, they are full, it is 3,000 dollars. However, the hanging cabinets generally do less, and the floor cabinets do more, then press a few. The same is the 3 meter cabinet is not full, 2 meters cabinet, 3 meters cabinet:
2 8 open is 2800 (2 8 open is the unit price of the hanging cabinet is 20% per metre price, the floor unit price is 80% of the price per metre);
37 open is 2700 pieces;
46 is 2,600.

If you want the cabinets and cabinets, or the light to the countertop, or the light cabinet, how do you count it?
Generally, the countertops will be reduced first, for example, 1600 bucks – Yanmi cabinets, quartz countertops will be reduced by 600, then the cabinets and cabinets will be opened 28, or 37, or 46.
If 28 is the cabinet is too cheap, take the example of 1600, minus the stone 600, 2 8 open the cabinet only 200, the floor cabinet 800, then we must hit the cabinet, wash the toilet, storage room, Balcony – a lot of cents. If 3 7 open, the business is normal. If you open the floor cabinet at 46, the cabinet can be played less and let him give you money. By the way, don’t buy the bathroom cabinet. Let him directly give it to you. Quartz stone also uses his, let him give You open a hole. (PS: But if you want to say that the opening is free, if you buy a hole in the basin, you can do it.)

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Post time: 2019-11-21