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Custom cabinets How to choose the right board?

There are a variety of cabinets on the market, even if the choice of materials is good,
But is it suitable for oneself? This worry will also make consumers’ hearts go up and down. because
Therefore, many owners choose custom cabinets, but there are also some difficulties. Custom cabinet
How to choose the board? What kind of board can make people choose with confidence?
1. What kind of plates does the cabinet have?
UV paint door panel
The UV lacquer board is cured by strong ultraviolet rays, and the color is stable and not easy to fall off, which overcomes the problems of door panel fading and fading. And the i-door of the sheet] has a good flat mirror effect, full and non-obscure paint film, good environmental protection performance, and has the advantages of scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and easy deformation.

2.Solid wood board
Custom cabinets made of solid wood plates are mostly classical and the price is relatively high. The cabinets of this cabinet are made of solid wood, mainly in peach, walnut and oak. The door core is made of medium-density board with solid wood skin. Usually, the surface of the solid wood is designed with a concave-convex shape and the exterior is spray-painted to maintain the original wood color.
3. Blister board
The blister board used for custom cabinets is a density board, and the surface is made of vacuum blister, or a seamless PVC film pressing process is used. The color of the door panel is very rich, the wood grain is of good quality, the color is pure and brilliant, and it is not easy to crack and deform. Daily maintenance is also more convenient.
4. Melamine board
Melamine board, full name is melamine-impregnated film-covered artificial board. Paper with different colors or textures is soaked in melamine resin adhesive and dried to a certain degree of curing.It is paved on particleboard, medium density fiberboard or hard The surface of the fiberboard is made by hot pressing.
What should be paid attention to in custom cabinets?
Note 1: choose environmentally friendly plates
At present, China’s market already has E0-grade environmental protection boards synchronized with European environmental protection standards. To identify, we can first look at the authorization, and then check whether the plate’s logo has the E0 environmental protection label. Generally, businesses are afraid to make an article on this.
Note 2: Choose the right specifications
There are 16mm and 18mm thickness plates on the market. The service life of custom cabinets with medium and 18mm plates can be extended to more than 1 time, and the plates are not prone to deformation and effectively protect the countertop from cracking. Although there are big differences in price, 18mm is the most reliable through the recommendation of experienced people.

Note 3: Look carefully at the back panel
Pay attention to whether the back panel is sealed on one side or on both sides. Many businesses will speculate to save costs and make the back panel only for one side. Because the back panel is prone to mildew and mildew, it is also easy to release formaldehyde, causing pollution to the indoor environment. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a double-sided seal, and it is recommended to choose one from a large factory. There is a large difference in the quality of the sealing machine, which affects the formaldehyde
freed. The high quality sealing machine can completely avoid the release of formaldehyde.
Note 4: Look at the assembly and hardware
Usually, small or hand-made cabinets are connected with screws or rivets. The latest third-generation box-and-tenon structure plus fixing and quick-installing methods can more effectively ensure the box’s firmness and bearing capacity. And less use of adhesives, so it is more environmentally friendly.
Note 5: Observe the cabinet
It is necessary to observe whether the cabinet of the custom cabinet is an independent cabinet. The entire group of cabinets will affect the fastness, the service life and stability
Poor qualitative and 2-3 times. Can be identified by packaging and installed cabinet. If the independent cabinet is assembled as a single cabinet, each cabinet has
-A separate package. It can also be observed in front of the cabinet installation platform. The independent cabinet can see the obvious combination of cabinets.

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