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Choose The Right Cabinet

Most families prefer to choose custom cabinets, because they can be designed according to the size and needs of their homes. However, the price of cabinets is not cheap and can’t afford toss. If we do n’t understand anything and are fooled, it ’s ourselves who will be in trouble in the future.
It can be said that the kitchen cabinets are very happy to do well, and do not do well. Cooking in the future will be a pain.

In order to make it easier for everyone to cook in the future, today Uncle and everyone will do their homework together.
First, a few notes:
1. When talking about the price, ask if there are additional charges, such as: basins, water retaining strips, edge trims, etc. If you need to charge extra, how much money do you need to add? If it is within our acceptable range, remember to write it in black and white;
2. The thickness of cabinets, countertops, door panels, backplanes and the production cycle of cabinets should be written in the contract;
3. The warranty period should be clear, and after-sales are not reliable, we have to know more about ourselves in advance and see the real reviews of other consumers;
4. The screw of the wall cabinet should be driven into the wall to prevent it from falling off;
5. Hardware must buy reliable quality!

How to choose the cabinet material?
Common cabinet materials are divided into solid wood, multi-layer solid wood, particle board, density board, stainless steel, etc. Uncle personally will choose a multi-layer solid wood cabinet, moisture resistance is not bad, it will not be expensive, remember to choose a more reliable brand. If you are afraid of moisture problems, the cabinet below the sink can be made of stainless steel, which not only achieves a moisture-proof effect, but also is not too abrupt;

How to choose the cabinet door?
Common cabinet door materials are acrylic, paint, plastic, crystal steel, solid wood, multi-layer solid wood, particle board and other materials, of which acrylic, paint, and solid wood are the most popular. Because the surface of acrylic and paint is very smooth and easy to clean. Solid wood door panels are relatively inconvenient to manage, but the atmosphere

How to choose the countertop?
Common countertops include quartz stone, slate, and stainless steel. Other materials will not be described in detail because they are relatively rare. For example, the shortcomings of acrylic countertops are obvious, and they are not as good as quartz stone in terms of hardness, anti-seepage and high temperature resistance, so they are not recommended for use. Uncle personally thinks that it is good to choose quartz stone countertops, the price is moderate, the hardness is good, and it is common. If you have a Nakajima counter or bar counter, you can choose a slate countertop, and the gas field is full.

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Post time: 2020-04-22